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Hi! I'm Karen

Welcome to my journey!

I am a food lover from a foodie family. Food feeds not only your body, it also feeds the soul.


I learned from an early age lots of cooking techniques from my mother. I was lucky to spend many days in the kitchen with her. <3 I wish she was still around to share her secrets as there are many I'm working out on my own.


My mother was a wonderful cook and home ec teacher. She also managed some of the best restaurants in Key Largo, FL and owned and operated her very own cake business! I remember going on cake deliveries with her, I was always worried that they would get damaged in the move. Thank goodness every delivery went without disaster.


Once I could reach the stove from a step stool, I was creating and cooking. I have even found an old recipe card that I wrote one day as a child while making myself some soup. Karen's Surprise Soup! Written in colored markers of course.  I will share some of these too.

I love trying new recipes and finding tricks to help make creating food easier. I don't mind spending time in the kitchen as it is my therapy. Many days I will come home from work and spend my decompression time in the Kitchen. Many of my recipes here will be from scratch, however, I will add other recipes with shortcuts as well, because we all know those nights where we have no time on our hands to dawdle.


I will also be sharing some of my mother's recipes as I work them out. She was a master at cooking, yet not so in writing her recipes down. I recently found a recipe that was only ingredients, I tried and failed without her instructions on that one. LOL There are many more of these recipes of hers which I will try to figure out the ratios and techniques and share these with you also. She took these secrets to the grave as they say. So I will share my triumphs and tribulations on these recipes with you! Just don't laugh! J/K, go ahead, laugh, it'll be funny, guaranteed.

I love fresh ingredients and of course, butter! I enjoy growing some of my own ingredients, it's additional therapy as I have also studied horticulture in my not so distant past.

I will also add some of my food, item, gadget and local restaurant reviews here. Do with them what you will as I will always be honest in my opinion, yet never rude or mean. (That's just not me)
If I like something, you will t-o-t-a-l-l-y know it. If I don't like something, you'll get that too.

I am so happy to have you visit me on my food journey!

Let's get in the Kitchen and start cooking!


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