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  • Karen

Freshy Fresh Avocado

I tried and tested multiple recommendations on how to keep your avocado from browning. This is the only trick that works.

I tried adding different acids, leaving the seed in the mix, even covering my guacamole with plastic wrap to keep the air out! None of these truly did the trick. I then tried water! I was elated at my results and amazed at what a simple idea did for my life!

To keep your guacamole or avocado smash fresh and green longer, top it with water! Yup, it's as simple as that. Once in your container, spread it out smooth on the top and add about 1/8" of fresh water to the top. (Gently, don't mix it in)

Refrigerate until you want to use it. When ready, just pour off the water and dip your chips or spread on your bread.

Give it a try, you will be amazed.

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